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We will not be silent

Never again is Now.

On Sunday 19th November, we made our stand as we stood together publicly opposite Downing Street. Thousands gathered to show support and to make it known that the Jewish people are not alone at these dark times, that there are Christians all over the UK who love them and are in solidarity as they face an unprecedented rise in antisemitism. 

We prayed, we sang and we proclaimed: 'Never Again is Now" and in unity, Christian and Jew, declared 'bring them home'. It was an emotional time as we heard from family members of the hostages and it was a powerful time as we voiced our love for Israel and the Jewish people.

We have had so many messages telling us what an encouragement it was, many Jewish people have told us that they know now they are not alone. Images and footage of the event have been widely shared online and one video on Twitter has 1.8 million views already. Check out the video below created for Instagram by @gavinalexander1970

A Night to Remember

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