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Our Shame

This image shows a cabal of Jewish looking men who are controlling the masses for money. Its a typical antisemtic canard and conspiracy theory with its roots in 'The Protocols of the elders of Zion' - an early 20th century canard which claimed the Jews control the worlds finance and media for greed. It was written and reprinted by Christians and has its roots in Christian antisemitic tropes which stretch back to the midle ages and beyond. Below are just some of the other ways Christians have been responsible for persecuting the Jews historically, and how they translate into popular antisemitism today! Together we will counter this with love and redeem the name of Jesus, so badly tainted for so long.


The Christ-Killer Libel

From ancient times Christians have accused the Jews of murdering Jesus. This has caused immeasurable suffering and atrocity. It also makes no sense for a true follower of Jesus to believe - after all we believe he died for all our sins - meaning we all killed Jesus, I did, you did! Except Jesus willingly offered His life for us because you cannot kill God!


The Blood Libel

From ancient times Christians have laid the most hideous and groundless slander at the Jews. We accused them of killing Christian children to use their blood for Satanic Passover rituals. The Passion week was notorious for antisemitic massacre. Today it is common to hear people slander the Jews and particularly Israel as 'child-killers'. Many don't realize this is an ancient canard, started and perpetuated by Christians 


The Jews mock Gentiles

The early Church Fathers made several antisemitic claims regarding the Jews which have stuck for millennia. One was that they mock Christ and Christians in their synagogues. In the Middle Ages they developed the 'host desecration' canard (the Jews stab and mock the communion wafer to hurt Jesus. Today there are numerous claims that the Jews look down on gentiles, mock gentiles and use and abuse gentiles,

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